Monday, November 4, 2013

Paso Terra - Paso Robles, CA

I have been dining in Paso Robles for years. I have found myself visiting the same restaurants trip after trip so you could only imagine my elation after coming across Paso Terra, a French Seafood resturant. I was very excited to give it a try. Upon sitting, they greeted us with a glass of sparkling wine and an amuse of tuna on a cracker shell. A wonderful bite, it almost represented an Asian taste. I thought it was a wonderful start to any meal...

The artwork was charming, I love the whole under the sea look. The bathroom was charming as well, I like it when places take pride in the little things, it isn't always all about the food!

I just had to try the Lobster Bisque, I never pass it up when it is on the menu. It was fantastic! Truly authentic, not from a can or delivery service. It was not thickened with flour or skimpy on the seafood. I loved this, they should be very proud!

For entrees, Scott went with a special of Mahi Mahi, served with a crescent of puff pastry on top. The fish was cooked lovely and the vegetables on his plate were loud and beautifully colored.

Scallops served with beurre blanc and caviar, vodka sauce! My scallops were also served on top a bed of sea beans! The salty beans paired wonderfully with the lump scallops. I loved this dish so much. I loved the stacked vegetables, I love plate organization!

We felt like something sweet after our meals and our waitress knew just what we wanted, Lemon Cheesecake. It was not heavy like a traditional slice but light and fluffy. It was a small portion but perfect enough for just a taste to cap off a lovely meal.

I was pleasantly surprised by Paso Terra, I usually study my restaurant hunting grounds very well and  just missed this place. I am happy to have found it and cannot wait for another bowl of that Lobster Bisque!

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