Saturday, November 2, 2013

Il Cortile - Paso Robles, CA

I am back! I have ignored my blog for a week and I am so sorry! We have been busy doing the horse show thing and the days just slipped away from me! We also have been RV'ing it so blogging at the end of the day has been hard to do. We have been eating though so lets get to it!

We made a reservation at one of our favorite Paso restaurants, Il Cortile. We were seated in between two nice couples who were going to, and coming from Ojai. What a small world, and great conversation! Back to the food, I had the Burrata Crostini to start because I have had it in the past and loved it. It was much, much too sweet than what I had remembered it to be. The salty punch was not powerful enough!

Scott's house salad was blanketed with sheets of parmesan cheese. How fantastic!

Scott was craving all things pasta so he went with the Spaghetti di Gamberetti - Spaghetti with black tiger prawns, light tomato sauce and finished with a spicy lobster oil. It enjoyed it just fine. The portion size was not huge so he finished it quickly.

I had the fish special of Chilean Sea Bass with a garden risotto. I felt the fish was cooked nicely but it was sliced very thin. I noticed the size of the fish at another table and noticed it was vey uniform. I have to admit I too, was left a little hungry. The risotto was tasty but I wanted more!

It must be their trick to get people to order dessert because we sure did! We ordered the molten chocolate cake to savor with what was left in our wine glasses.

I love the atmosphere and the delicious menu at Il Cortile but was left feeling a little hungry. Maybe I needed to order a "stick to your ribs" kind of meal like the Osso Bucco because I know it is good, and it was on special that night. 

Happy eating folks!

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