Friday, November 29, 2013

Grower's Pub - Salinas, CA

On my first night into town my brother, James, wanted me to experience a night out at the Grower's Pub in Salinas. He likes their Tuesday Night Special, "Chicken Catroville" so we all loaded up and made our way to downtown.

While the rest of the group started their meals with salads, I opted for their French Onion Soup and a glass of Poppy chardonnay. They were very generous with the amount of cheese and the broth was very rich.

This was my meal, I saw Salmon & Risotto and could not break my frequent chain of ordering the "same" thing. The salmon was perfectly cooked, in fact almost a tad rare but it was outsatnding. So moist! The risotto was classic and the Swiss girl in me just loved it. There was so much that I took the bulk of it home for my snack the next day.

Of course Kate ordered like a good little gal and had the Chicken Marsala with sauce on the side. Vegetables only too! Kate is going to live to be 100 years old.

This was the reason we came! "Chicken Castroville" - James was a little disapointed with it this trip because they changed their cooking method from the original time he had tried it. They used to only bake it and now they flash fry it at the end. He still enjoyed it but thought the first method of cooking was more desirable.

And this was our party! It was so nice for me to be welcomed home by a nice meal and family. I am looking forward to visiting with my sister tonight. There is always too little time to get all the socializing in! There really is nothing better than coming home!

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