Friday, November 8, 2013

Our little C-Dory...

When I first met Scott he was on the search for the most perfect surf boat his money could buy. We looked at boats in the North to the South until finally one early morning after a night at Oktoberfest 2010 we drove down south to Laguna to buy this little gem. Meet C-Dory...

Throughout the years he made improvements to his boat that would make navigating and caring for his boat a little easier.

Finally, after 3 years in the making he got to do his first trial run with his friend Gary. They loaded up the boat and made sure everything was working properly. I saw them off and prayed for their safe return.

I randomly got pictures sent to me as Gary's Verizon signal worked quite nicely in spots. They were camped and surfed at Point Conception, "Governments", "Left and Rights", "Coho" and a lot of of other little places along the way.
 Beautiful right? The sea is really our last wild frontier!

I am proud of the little C-Dory and Scott for making their dreams happen!

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