Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sterlings - Reno, NV

Inside the Silver Legacy Casino there is an upscale steak house so we got a group together and gave it a try. Located conveniently across the way from the hotel bar makes it a good place to wait if you did not make reservations.

The bread was fantastic! The first was filled with cheese and bacon. Hello! Fantastic.... And the other soft and filled with sauteed onions and poppy seeds. Unique and worth the price of admission.

Scott ordered a bottle of Golden Eye Pinot and it was very good. Maybe one of the best pinots I have had all year. Look there is Kathy Good taste — you can see her through my wine glass!

The crab cake was my starter and it came out like a salad! No complaints here because it had basil and additional crab in it! It couldn't get any more crabby! Score.

For my entree I had the Chilean Sea Bass with crab risotto! Holy moly deliciousness. There was a trio of sauces lobster sauce, hollandaise and truffle vignetter. This was awesome. Hands down, best thing I ate in Reno.

Kathy Good Taste ordered the Prime Rib and said it was perfect.

Cowboy Ron had the Ahi Tuna, red thai rice and sauteed vegetables. 

And Scott went for a perfectly medium rare filet and vegetables on the side.

Everyone was happy with their meal, including Jarrett who sat to my right at dinner. My photos of her meals didn't not come out so her food critic will be debuted at a later time. All in all, Sterling's is the best Silver Legacy had to offer. Run, don't walk, when making your way there!

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