Friday, May 10, 2013

Cafe Central - Reno, NV

The first day of the NCHA Western Nationals was a great one! Winnie, Scott and my horse, advanced to the finals so we celebrated with a night out at the hotel cafe. It wasn't big spending but it really hit the spot.

The Potato Soup came with my meal and I thought it was amzing. So good. 

The salmon with barley risotto was mine. The addition of mushrooms was out of place so I just picked them off. The rest of the dish was fantastic. The salmon was cooked to perfection. I would order this one again.

Scott went all out and ordered the $20 Steak and lobster. He enjoyed his steak with a slathering of ketchup and dunked his lobster in the provided butter. It was small but still tasty.

My Mom and Krissi both had the Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, mashed, stuffing, veggies and cranberry all made us envious. There is nothing better than this comfort food!

The cafe was fine, moderately priced and easy to get into. We ate there one other time during our stay for a brunch type meal. I had the French Dip and it was very tasty. The fries served with it were exceptionally delicious. 

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