Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rosa's Italian Restaurant - Pismo Beach, CA

My cousin Shannon is getting married! She invited her closest girlfriends out for a weekend of wine, dancing and dining and I was thrilled to go! This group of girls know how to have a good time. We originally wanted to dine at Splash Cafe for chowder but the place was packed and we moved on...

Rosa's was a bit more fancy than we wanted but the service for 11 rowdy girls was outstanding and Pismo can be limited for such last minute groups.

My pal, Jody made this concoction for her bread... Olive oil, balsamic and parmesan -- It was heavenly! 

They claimed to have award winning Clam Chowder so who was I to not try it?! It was good. Not great but definitely on the upper end of my chowder trials. 

I was torn between dishes and decided to go with my scallop craving. I had the Shrimp and Scallop Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and a pesto sauce. It was ok. I am not a big fan of bay scallops, I prefer the larger sized sea scallops because they are usually not overcooked like these were. The shrimp were excellent!

My sister ordered my second place option and she didn't seem overly impressed with the Butternut Squash Ravioli. The garlic cream sauce was over whelming and seemed to take over the dish. I love garlic but I do not like it in large doses.

The night continued on with fun shots for the bride-to-be, a drink at Harry's Bar and more fun at the Sand Castle Inn suite. We got to bed at a relatively early hour to prepare for the next day's festivities... Stay tuned! 

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