Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bimini - Reno, NV

While we were in Reno it just so happened to be May 5, my birthday! So Scott told me to get dressed because we had a car waiting for us downstairs. I dressed up in the finest clothes that I brought with me to the horse show and we made our way to the PepperMill. Enter: The Bimini.

The bread service was amazing. I think the crisp flat bread slathered with butter was my favorite. I ate both of them and kind wanted to ask for more!

Scott went all out and ordered Sea Smoke. We had it once before in San Luis Obispo and were dying to give it another try. It was our lucky day and they had it in stock.

An amuse bouche of chilled asparagus soup. Don't you love how Scott is taking it like a shot in the background?! 

You all know how much I love seafood so I started off with the Shellfish Platter - King Crab legs, Lobster claws, Jumbo shrimp, Oysters and Ceviche. My idea of a meal! It was fresh and fantastic!

Scott ordered a little filet, and had a side order of creamed corn not pictured. He loved that it was so tender and cooked to perfection. The corn was good - just the right amount.

You better believe I had Scallops with Risotto. It is basically my favorite thing to eat! The risotto was saucy, just how I like it. The scallops were cooked just right - seared on the outside and opaque through the middle. Love it!

Thank you Scott for always making my birthdays so special. I was tricked into receiving the bill but as I opened it up there was a jewelry box with a gorgeous set of earrings and necklace. He is so clever! 

Our night didn't end there we had some after dinner drinks and did some people watching!

Cheers to being 31!

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