Tuesday, May 7, 2013

La Terraza - Santa Paula, CA

In the cute little town of Santa Paula there are Mexican restaurants on every corner. This particular corner is in the middle of town and I have driven by it thousands of times. This time, Scott treated me to lunch. You order at the window...

Grab a seat in the dining room and wait for your meal to be served.

Scott got the carnitas tacos with the works. The spicy salsa, onions and cilantro brought home the authentic meal. The rice, beans and salad made the meal into quite a filling one.

I judge most Mexican restaurants by the quality of the enchiladas they put forth. This was a darn good enchilada. Filled with shredded beef and a spicy sauce made it one worth ordering. The crunchy taco, also with shredded beef, was savory and juicy! Eat it while it is hot. I thought the value of this plate was outstanding.

Santa Paula and I will have a lengthy relationship based on the population of Mexican restaurants. Four down and about a hundred to go! 

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