Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cucina Paradiso - Petaluma, CA

Scott and I went to Petaluma last week to work horses at Cowboy Ron's ranch in Petaluma, CA. It was a great trip, we had tons of fresh cows to work and a stellar arena. One of the nights we were there Scott and I snuck away to try a fancy restaurant downtown. Are you in the mood for Italian?

It was a quaint little restaurant with a lot of tables in one room. You had better like the dinner conversation at the table next you otherwise, it would make for a long evening!

I knew what I wanted from the moment we got there. I read reviews on the place and scanned the menu before we got there that evening. Ravioli Di Anatra - Filled with roasted duck, sun dried tomato and pine nuts and served with a basil cream sauce. I loved it. I originally thought I would not be able to finish it but the longer it sat down in front of me the more and more I worked my way through it. Lovely portion size.

Scott ordered something off the wall, from his usual ordering style and went for the Seafood Pasta filled with mussels, clams and shrimp. He said he wasn't very hungry before we walked in and he proved himself true as he only had a few bites. I asked him if he liked the way it tasted and he admitted it was a little bland. 

All this talk about pasta is making me hungry! Lets cook some pasta tonight, sip on some red wine and buy a movie on Direct TV! That is what we do for fun on week nights... What do you do?

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