Monday, May 20, 2013

Sandrini's Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA

Our good friends, Pete and Lisa, took Scott and I out on the town during our first night in Bakersfield for a horse show. It was a warm evening, so when we got to Sandrini's and we stepped down stairs into a cool, welcoming cave I was very excited! This restaurant was Italian Basque, so I knew it would be good eats.

We started with Sliced Tongue pickled with a secret family recipe. It was perfectly tender and made a nice little sandwich with roma tomatoes and fresh baguette.

We also tried the Italian Sausage Bread, a favorite of Pete and Lisa's. I could see why, it ate like a meal!

Scott started with a fresh salad with in house croutons.

And I of course did the soup - a spicy, Basque soup with softly cooked vegetables.

This is my plate and isn't it a beauty?! I saw Halibut, spinach, risotto and reduced balsamic vinegar... How could i go wrong? It was perfect, there was nothing it could be improved on. I will return for this meal again.

Pete and Lisa split the Rack of Lamb and it too was stunning. This is half of one order, the chef so kindly brought it out on two plate for them.

If you live in Bakersfield and have not been here yet, you need to go. It is located downtown and has a cool old school vibe. They have cigar room, which probably used to be for miscellaneous gambling transactions so it has extra cool points. I here when the sun goes own it is a popular spot for Bakersfield youth to shake their groove things, so come early and enjoy their fine food!

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