Sunday, April 28, 2013

S.Y. Kitchen - Santa Ynez, CA

Scott and I made a trip home on Thursday to celebrate the life of my Grandma, Lydia C. Dassel. She led a very healthy, beautiful life. May she rest in peace with my Grandfather in Heaven.

On the way back home from Hollister, Scott and I decided to make a pit stop in Santa Ynez to try out a brand new restaurant. I had heard the soft opening was a success so we wanted to try it for ourselves.

S.Y. Kitchen

They bring out fresh vegetables and hand out slices of grilled bread with excellent olive oil for dipping. Light bites to get you excited about your upcoming meal.

We both had a glass of the house Pinot Noir and it was lovely. 

We were sold on the Burrata by our waiter so we let him take the reins on that one. The burrata was indeed fresh but poor Scott was underwhelmed. I thought it tasted just fine. I loved the juicy tomatoes with the creamy cheese so I traded him for my starter...

I ordered the Baby Artichoke Soup and thought that is exactly what it tasted like. I would have preferred it to be salted a tad more. Scott most have agreed because as soon as we switched he salted it quite generously.

Whenever Scott sees that there is a Pork Chop on the menu he steers to it. His mom made him a lot of pork chops growing up so I think we always veer to what we know. It came out as a very large portion served with cipolline onions. it was cooked to a perfect medium rare and he took most home for our two very spoiled dogs.

I went for the home made Spaghetti Mare filled with crab, shrimp, calamari, mussels and clams. I did most of the prep work, removing the meat from the shells first but the crab was not cracked all the way and some pieces not at all so it was kind of a waste. I let a lot of crab meat go to waste. Once de-shelled  I happy ate away at the fresh pasta and seafood. It was a perfect portion.

I am thrilled to see another restaurant in Santa Ynez and wish them all the best in their future!

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