Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shake 'n Pour... Dinner!

My husband judges very large horse shows a couple times a year and that leaves me on my own for running the ranch, tending to our office duties and deciding what to feed myself at the end of the day. It is not fun to eat by yourself! I don't want to mess up the beautifully clean kitchen and create messy dishes. I saw this Shake 'n Pour Bisquick in the supermarket the other day and decided it was just what I was after. Add a little water and heat up a skillet and I have dinner!

The pancakes came out perfect. For two nights in a row I have had pancakes for dinner and there is even a little batter left for a breakfast snack. 

Washing down the butter and syrup laden cakes with milk has made this cowgirl a little less lonely at night as watch re-runs on Bravo and the Food Network. Tick tock... Hurry home Scott Good Taste! 

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