Sunday, April 7, 2013

Feast Bistro - Ojai, CA

Scott and I usually dress up and go out at least once a week. Scott likes to surf as his hobby and I like to dine. We all have things we enjoying doing!

We stayed local and caught a late reservation at Feast Bistro so we could people watch and enjoy a nice meal. We had a split of their house merlot. It was very good.

To start we shared the Taco Taco - Pork belly, spicy salsa, celery, apple, picked jalapenos and cilantro. I loved it! I was tempted to order another plate as my meal!

Scott ordered the Duck and didn't seem to impressed. The serving of forbidden rice was heavy and I think we both felt overwhelmed to finish it.

I had the Cod - Fish of the Day - and loved it. The corn salsa was fantastic. I did have to salt it a touch but I would have ordered this again, no question.

The cookies! Chocolate chip and lemon were out of this world. The best simple dessert I have had in quite some time. Go for the cookies, if no other reason.

Our quiet date night turned into a rowdy evening running into our neighbors at the Deer Lodge. It was fun, it was local and it was a nice change of pace to be off the ranch.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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