Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sea Fresh - Ojai, CA

It was a beautiful Sunday evening in Ojai and I my two buddies back in town. Scott flew in from Texas so I picked him up, he got settled in and then in pulled up Cowboy Ron with Scamper, his new horses and our Millie. After his long drive he was famished and a bit parched so we decided to take an outdoor seat to enjoy the weather. I started with a Blood Orange Margarita because it sounded refreshing, they had it garnished with a regular orange so it had me question the authenticity of the whole drink...

My bowl of Clam Chowder came up next and I was really looking forward to it because it is usually very good. I was disappointed to have it full of celery, I mean a lot of it. It almost tasted like cream of Celery. I of course ate around it but was surprised at how bad someone got the proportions of on Sunday. 

Next was an order of the Macadamia Crusted Halibut served on a bed of Thai Peanut Sauce. I love this dish. I think it truly is the sauce I dig because I generally ask for extra side of it. Hushpuppies came served with the fish and they are tasty little fried balls of dough. Dipped in ranch make them even better. The carrots served with didn't get much action because the size of the fish served did me in.

This was a perfect welcome home meal for Scott as he said his Blackened Halibut was amazing. Cowboy Ron seemed equally as pleased as he ordered the same thing I did. Cheers to Summer coming early and dinners spent with fantastic friends!

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