Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Benji's - Bakersfield, CA

Last week my parents came and met me at my Bakersfield and we decided to try a legendary Basque Restaurant for dinner. We met family friends at, Benji's located off Stockdale Highway in Bakersfield.

If you have never been to a Basque Restaurant I should tell you now that you receive a lot of food! We started off our meal with warm bread and spicy salsa for dipping. I was starving so I overindulged with the bread!

A vegetable soup came out family style, as well as a pot of beans. Combining the two sounded like the a good plan so I did just that. It was a fantastic marriage and I was now starting to get full.

A plate of Beef Tongue came out and I was excited to try it. Sliced thin and covered with sauce you would have had no idea what cut of beef it was. It was actually very good.

A tomato salad came out with our entrees as well as a plate of french fries...

My entree was the Lobster Tail and it was fantastic! Buttery, sweet and totally succulent - I ate every bite. It is not everyday I get to enjoy an amazing meal like this with my parents. What a special day.

Later over the next few days my horses did so well at horse show... We took home over $1300 in earnings and I couldn't have been more proud!

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