Thursday, April 4, 2013

Running Rooster - Hollister, CA

Before I headed back to Ojai from San Juan Bautista I had lunch with my parents and sister. Some of us were craving sushi but my dad isn't necessarily a fan so I suggested we try the re-vamped Running Rooster. I thought it looked great inside. Modern, fresh and really neat addition to Hollister. Jim Good Taste wasn't ready for his photo! I was happy to be there!

My mom and dad both ordered burgers. I know Running Rooster is high on their burgers but they didn't seem too impressed. They didn't complain but they weren't handing out any awards either.

I ordered the Cedar Plank Salmon and it was solid. A healthy option in house is always a good thing. I also had an order of "Outlaw Fries" that are not in the photo. Think spicy, salty fries - in my mind, they were delicious!

But this was the real winner, the Napoleon Pizza. My sister ordered this and I was extremely jealous. The thin, chewy crust was topped with terrific sauce, mozzarella, capers and anchovies. I love the briny, fishy taste so this pizza really appealing to me. I think next time I come my sister and I would share this pizza. 

I was only in Hollister that afternoon for lunch and then made my way back down south. There is never enough time to visit everyone and feel completely ready to go back home. 


Merrie said...

I just had dinner there last night! :) I agree, the burgers are "good enough," but nothing amazing. I opted for the pizza with red peppers and parmesan, and while I couldn't detect the parm, the rest of it was outstanding. I ate it all! Glad you got a chance to see your folks. :)

Melissa Good Taste said...

Hey! The restaurant looks great! Try the Napoleon ... I loved it!