Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ferraro's - Ventura, CA

Last night after Scott went surfing he and I went on a mission to try some new eats for the blog. We were driving passed Ferraro's on our way to the mall and decided to give it some Melissa Good Taste action. 

While Scott was locking down his board on the truck I walked in by myself to get a table. I stood at the hostess stand where a sign read "Please wait for a hostess to seat you"... I stood there unapproached or unacknowledged for a few minutes. A group of six people walked in, passed me and then an olive skinned, black haired hostess arrives... She greets them, knowing I was standing there before they even walked through the door, and seats them on the spot. I said to her,  "I was here first and have been waiting. That is pretty rude." Her response was, "I am rude?" and then Melissa Good Taste has to calmly explain that it is rude to not approach the first person waiting, rather than seating a table that barged on in front of her. Shouldn't a hostess know this? Shame on Ferraro's. 

I think at this point Scott is just hoping they don't spit in our food. 

We laugh it off and order our food. Their soup special was Split Pea so I was in a better mood already. It was very good. Almost as good as Andersen's...

Scott chuckled at his salad, he took a few bites and drank more of is Moretti.

He originally thought he wanted all Beef Ravioli but the special of Spinach and Gorgonzola Ravioli got him thinking too. The waitress was kind enough to recommend a 50/50. The best of both worlds and he was delighted. He said it was fantastic.

I saw a Salmon Special served with a lemon butter sauce with capers on a bed of angel hair pasta and i was sold. It sounded delicious and tasted even better! The salmon was cooked to perfection and the capers were briny and just what I was craving.

So despite the unwelcome welcome in the beginning of our dinner experience our time at Ferraro's was lovely. Scott and I treat each meal out like it is our first date and it is so much fun. I ask him annoying questions like... "What if I just started talking with a lisp one day, what would you do?"... "What if I cut all my hair off and dyed it red?"... I know he gets annoyed but he plays along and that is why I love him so much!


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JustinM said...

Hey Melissa, this is JustinM from An Immovable Feast, just wanted to stop by and say that I am still enjoying your blog.
Aso you know, I stopped blogging but I am still a foodie!
Anyway, Elizabeth and I always read this blog and she reads it religiously.
Cheers from Justin and Liz!