Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don Lalo's - Meiners Oaks, CA

Before Scott left for Texas to judge he spent a lot of time with me. We rode horses and then ran errands, together rather than separately, and we enjoyed nice lunches. It was fun, like a lunch date. Meiners Oaks is a small community married up to the larger town of Ojai. It is made up of hippies, wannabe hippies and just regular folk. But, there is a street packed full of restaurants that I still needed to try so we went to one of those - Don Lalo's.

Scott got an order of Corn Burritos for us to share. They came out with a salad on top! Not what I was expeting as an order of corn burritos are usually topped with a chile sauce and shredded cheese. They did not fulfill our corn burrito craving but it looked beautiful anyway...

Carnitas Tacos fantastico! The salsa was crazy hot but the cilantro, onion and fresh lime juice made this one flavorful combo. Order these and only these when visiting.

And now my sad, sad enchiladas. I love a good enchilada and these were very unhappy. A untoasted corn tortilla, filled with shredded beef, served with luke warm sauce and cheese on top is not an enchilada. Generations of proud Mexican grandmas would not be proud of this. I was disappointed in the lack of execution, it almost felt like they thought it was enough to please me. Nope, not me. I like authentic Mexican cuisine please!

The photos of the food were beautiful, the service lovely but the food as a whole left me wanting more. I would go back for the carnitas tacos and possibly the flan, they serve different flavors! Awesome.

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