Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cheung Sheng - Hollister, Ca

YES! This is my first official food review so here we go...

So, I asked my friend Amanda to head downtown with me to be my fellow food reviewer. I am craving Chinese food so we head on down to 201 Sixth Street in Hollister. I have been to Cheung Sheng many times before but for the sake of the blog I took pictures so you all could enjoy the decor....

Fancy Asian decor right?

Anyhow, we are seated immediately and asked what drinks we would like. Amanda ordered an iced tea and I ordered hot tea. The waiter swiftly came back with drinks in hand. Excellent service from the get go!

As we both looked over the menu, I decided early on I wanted Hot and Sour Soup and Egg Rolls. Not the healthiest meal, but I don't have Chinese everyday! It was a cheat day? lol. Amanda ordered the Lunch Special - Sweet and Sour Chicken and Chicken Chowmein.

The soup on the left is the Hot and Sour, and on the right is the Egg Flower soup that came with Amanda's lunch special. The soup came quickly and very hot! Which is fine with me because why order soup if it isn't hot? I love their Hot and Sour soup. It is very tangy and the tofu has a very nice texture and takes on the taste of the broth. I once made a mistakes a few months ago and added the Hot Chili oil to it and I made it a little to spicy for my liking - ruining the whole bowl of soup! But, anyhow Amanda said her soup was superb.

So the Egg Rolls came before Amanda's food did and I tried my hardest to let them cool down as long as possible. 30 seconds later I tore into them and they were everything I was hoping they would be! Hot and Greasy! Yum. Not an everyday order but, I enjoyed it very much so. The Sweet and Sour sauce was runny, but I like it that may - when it is thick it is hard to get an even coat on each bite. I like to taste the innards of the roll - not just Sweet and Sour.

Amanda's Lunch Special came half way into my Egg Roll chow down. The plate looked very pretty! It was an amazing portion of food... all of it plus soup and tea was an impressive $5.85. She liked everything on her plate but said the chowmein was too salty.

The bill came as soon as we pushed our plates back and was greeted with our fortune cookies. Mine said: "Present your best ideas today to an eager and welcoming audience" -- It made me laugh since today is the first day of my blog!! Totally ironic.

So I give Cheung Sheng two thumbs up. For the small price of $11.23 we both enjoyed a filling and tasty lunch. It was a quick eat as well - in and out in 30 minutes! Go on down and give them a try.


Brenda Boo said...

I couldn't agree more with you on the TWO thumbs up and the prices for lunch are awesome for all the food you get. Cheung Sheng is one of my all time favorites especially when I have a "YEN" for Chinese. YUMMO!!!!!!!!!

skoontzie said...

Love them! My fav's are Crispy Sesame Chicken, Walnut Prawns and Pea Pods and Black Mushrooms. They have great prices.

queeny59 said...

Chinese food is not one of my favorite foods, but Cheung Sheng sure was a nice treat. Its hard to beat the $6 lunch special, plus the fast service.

Josalyn said...

I love their Dan Dan noodles and their lamb kung po. I think it was kung po. It was lamb and it was spicy.. :P