Friday, July 25, 2008

Melissa experiments!

I have done it! I am really going to make it big now! You know how you go your whole life wondering what is going to really make you hit the big time? Well, I know this is it... I went to my grandma's house yesterday for lunch and was looking through cabinets wondering what I wanted to have. She was already making my dad a tuna fish sandwich so she was happily mixing tuna fish, full fat mayo, and sweet relish in a bowl. I finally decide on soup. So I reach to the back and grab ...

I decide to only dilute the condensed soup with a half of a can to make it a richer in flavor. I reach back into the spice rack and pull out...

It needed some spice! I wanted to jazz up the good old fashioned soup a bit. I poured the soup into a large bowl and sat down to enjoy my lunch. I took a few bites and realized it was missing something. What? I am not sure. So I stand up and start to wander through the kitchen... and then a light bulb went off!!!

The tuna salad mixture that my grandma made for sandwiches was still sitting out on the counter! So, I just do it and mix the tuna, mayo, sweet relish mixture into the soup! I don't even think twice and boy, I am glad I did not! This little experiment was a home run. I am not sure what i am going to call this miracle invention but I sure it will be somewhere along the lines of "Creamy Dreamy Tuna and Rice Sumpremy". That sounds great if you ask me! I am not sure how exactly all the flavors come together but they just do. If you don't believe me, just try it yourself and you will instantly be amazed. Just do it!

- Melissa Good Taste

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