Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melissa Good Taste cooks!

... or heats up a Lean Cuisine! Ha ha ha. Hey, I had to vent the package and set the microwave timer! Sheesh call me Martha. I have gone back and read my past blog entries and have realized I have been quite naughty. A Lean Cuisine dinner will do this body some good! So I reached deep into the freezer and pulled out...

Lean Cuisine says: Wild salmon on a bed of whole wheat orzo pasta with yellow and orange carrots and spinach in a basil sauce.

Melissa says: I like seafood. A lot. I like it prepared in every way imaginable (yes, that includes raw!). But frozen fish worries me. This however is one of the instances where I am glad to say that I was wrong, wrong, oh so wrong. Once cooked, the salmon in this dish is tender and moist, and has very little of the nasty ‘fishy’ flavor/smell that is so often present in frozen fish. Once you separate the fish with your fork and mix everything together, there’s plenty to go around. Even though the veggies are limited to carrots (yellow and orange) and spinach, there are plenty of each. The spinach is cooked, but not slimy, and the carrots maintain their somewhat crunchy texture. The sauce is fantastic, though if you don’t like basil, you probably won’t care for it. I was pleased with how well the flavor accented the fish and vegetables.

I’m not sure why orzo pasta was chosen to accompany this dish, but kudos to whoever thought it up! This small, tender pasta soaks up the sauce well, and does not overpower the dish.

Overall, this meal has become one of my ‘standards’ – something that I know I like, and purchase on a regular basis.

-Melissa Good Taste


Unknown said...

I like this Lean Cuisine too! Although, if one is starved, it may leave a bit to be desired.

Unknown said...
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