Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bolado Park Club House - Tres Pinos, CA

So I got a tip that Bolado Park's Public Golf Course is now open to serve food! I believe the hours are even something like 6:30am - 7:00 pm! Wow. So I picked up my loyal food reviewer, Amanda, and went on my way...

The new Club House looks pretty good I'd say! We walked in the new building and greeted by a friendly lady wearing a sharp looking Bolado Golf Course polo. You order at the counter, pay and then find your seat.

Because it was such a nice day, we wandered outside and grabbed a seat under an umbrella on the patio. Not such a bad view eh?

My food came out to us first. My food seems to always come first! I ordered the Buffalo Strips Combo for $6.50. I waited for the strips to cool down - they were right out of the fryer... Exactly 12 seconds later :) I start drenching them in the blue cheese dressing provided and happily start munching. After 2 or 3 pieces I realize they are supposed to have cam with fries! For $6.50 I got jipped. I didn't say anything to the nice lady because I am not good at complaining. It may have been an honest mistake, and haven't worked the kinks out just yet.

Amanda's food came well after my food did. However her plate was far more impressive than mine! She ordered the Club Sandwich. It was your standard toasted wheat, turkey, bacon avocado, tomato, lettuce and mayo. It looked great - she said it was yummy. The fries were perfect! I snuck in a few and I loved the fact they put Thousand Island dressing on the side to dip in. I love it! There was also two dill pickles to snack on - nice!

All and all it was a pleasant experience. Would I drive all the way across town again on my lunch hour to go back? No, probably not. But, if I was in the area or golfed all day this would be perfect. I may go back and try their breakfast. Their breakfast menu was pretty extensive... It is always worth a try right? Overall for lunch - One thumb up.



queeny59 said...

The food was good but the view was way better. I dont think I would drive all the way out to Tres Pinos for a club sandwhich again but sitting on the patio made me want to learn how to play golf :)

Nana Moncla said...

We would go back again as the food was outstanding and the service was exceptional.

We have been to many golf courses in the past and we were just as impressed with the menu @ Bolado Park Golf Course.

The new clubhouse has a view that is breathtaking.

We give it 4 STARS......