Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Round Table Pizza - Hollister, Ca

Monday evening was the kick off of our Co-Ed Softball season and we started out with a huge win! Finishing the game in the 5th inning 14-1. Wow. If this is an indication of what is to come Hollister may have to start a minor league just for us! Anywho, we needed to refuel and rehydrate so we did what any team would do fresh off a win, go to Round Table Pizza located at 496 Tres Pinos Rd in Hollister.

What I love best about the location of Round Table is the location next to a bank. This makes getting cash easy access. Just another perk...

As we wait for our pizza to be cooked we order a few pitchers of beer and some appetizers. The bread sticks were ordered by Nina and at first did not pass her strict qualifications she has for bread sticks. They were a little rare to her liking. So they sent them through the oven for a quick trip and came back ready to rock and roll. The marinara sauce and ranch combo make a delectable dipping sauce for anything to bathe in. The Chicken Wings were also a big hit! I enjoy how they are not "in your face" hot. In fact they are savory versus fiery. Makes eating a dozen a lot more pleasant, which is more other places can say.

Between our team we split three pizzas - the Montague's All Meat Marvel and two Pepperoni and cheese. The All Meat pizza is made up of four deliciously seasoned meats, those being: Italian sausage, pepperoni, Italian dry salami, and linguica. It is then baked off with a blend of 3 cheeses on our Zesty Red Sauce. I enjoy the Zesty quite a bit, they could have been more generous with the sauce because it really is that good! The Pepperoni and Cheese were both cooked to perfection. An extra portion of pepperoni were snuck onto both pizzas, it most have been our lucky day! Oh wait, it really was!

Overall Round Table was a great dining experience. How could it not have been? Great food, awesome friends and the excitement of winning the big game all were combined into a wonderful evening. I give Round Table the official two thumbs up! Go down and check out the salad bar, not everything is drenched in meat and cheese - there is something for everybody! Can I get a hoorah for AB's Wrecking Crew?! HOORAH!!!

- MD


Josalyn said...

I agree! Round Table is the best pizza ever. Maui zaui with the polynesian sauce FTW!

Josalyn said...
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