Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey Anonymous!

So I got my first official suggestion! An anonymous commenter wrote:

"It's obvious the beer is good, ever try wine.....I bet your wedding party will be a kegger...."

Ha ha. Isn't Anonymous funny? Anyhow... I do enjoy wine, however, the places I have visited so far, like the ballpark and Round Table, do not have the best selection of what I like to drink. But don't you worry, Kinship is right around the corner and I am sure I will cover that! Thanks for the suggestion Anonymous! Keep them coming



Anonymous said...

Some of the Best Weddings start with a Kegger. I would like to suggest mavericks as a 'good taste' location. nice bar, trivia, young staff. Really enjoy your posts!1

Josalyn said...

LOL! I know you like the vino too, Melissa! Is the Broken Wing on your agenda?