Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oystermania at Lure - Ventura, CA

Scott and I love Lure Fish House. The Happy Hours are good, it is clean, friendly service and they have tons of fresh oysters!So we took a seat at the Oyster Bar and decided to go through the Oyster Menu, step by step.

They always have different varieties available, this is what they had that day.

 Kusshi's, the smaller ones of the left, were our absolute favorites. Fanny Bay's, were larger and also good, came in a close second place. There is nothing better than eating oysters, I love it!

Next up were the Charbroiled variety, they used Fanny Bay's for this preparation. With a mix of butter, lemon, garlic how could you seriously go wrong? They are served piping hot so do be careful if you tip the shell back, the oyster liquor just may be a little toasty. 

Last but not least, Fried Oysters. It seems silly to fry something so naturally delicious but who doesn't like getting a little grease on their fingers every once in awhile? The crunch is amazing and satisfies that junk food craving.

I love oysters all shapes and sizes... Where do you go to get your fix?

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