Sunday, October 20, 2013

Casa Vega - Sherman Oaks, CA

I was down in Los Angeles last week and finally had the opportunity to visit Casa Vega. The owner is a friend of a friend and came highly reccomended. So I swung off the highway and made my way to the restaurant. The building was on a corner lot and actually had parking. I noticed parking comes at such a high premium in Southern California! It was hot outside that day, so walking into this dark restaurant instantly cooled me off, I like the dim interior... It made me feel like I entered into the past.

Chips and salsa came out immediately and I was grateful. I was starving! Upon shoveling a few bites into my mouth I realized just how spicy the salsa was. Wowza, it has some kick!

I talked myself into ordering the Crab and Shrimp Enchiladas when I truly was craving the shredded beef. I hop on the seafood bandwagon too often, I was looking to seek myself into comforting like slow roasted beef but i got the seafood enchiladas and they were just fine. They are very large, so eating two would take one hearty appetite. The beans were exceptionally good and the rice was too.

All in all what a fantastic meal. I am so happy it came recommended to me and it is always great to support a family owned restaurant operating for generations!

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