Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On the Road... - Paso Robles, CA

The Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Futurity has rolled into Paso Robles and so have we. The horses were put to bed and our camper settled in so Scott and I headed to the coast after our day chores were done.

Scott loves the waves at Moonstone Beach so we picked out the perfect surf spot. It was chilly out there!

We wandered back into town and picked Applebee's for dinner. Hey, don't count out the franchise restaurant. They are consistent and usually provide a decent meal for not a lot of bucks. It is hard to eat a sit down meal in Paso Robles without dropping at least a hundred bucks for two.

I always order the Oriental Chicken Salad because it is amazing. This trip did not fail to deliver. I used to always order this as a wrap but the salad is now the way to go for me.

Scott went for the Honey Crisps with Macaroni and Cheese. He found the meal plain at first but as he dug closer to the bottom of his bowl the sauce mixed in with the chicken strips woke up the dish and he really started to enjoy it. He didn't finish his, as I didn't finish mine either. The portions were large.

Buckle up folks, we are here for another 12 days so be prepared for plenty of food posts coming your way! 

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Unknown said...

Melissa - Welcome to Paso! I can make a handful of suggestions on where to dine in Paso on a budget if you're interested, and I can also fill you in on the new places that have opened up downtown since you were here last. Come find me in the Hospitality Barn in the "Paso Robles" booth if you're interested, I am the city concierge for the PCCHA for the whole show. Happy dining!