Friday, October 11, 2013

Harvest Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA

Yesterday Scott and I hauled our travel trailer and 8 horses to set up camp at the Sundance Feedlot in Bakersfield. There is a three day horse show taking place and we wanted to get settled in early. We rode, fed and settled the horses and then set off for somewhere to eat. I have driven by this little road side diner a million times, so Scott suggested we eat there.

He started off with lettuce and two types of blue cheese! Fancy! It did taste really good, I love loads of dressing!

I had the Basque Bean soup and it was lovely. I wanted more broth, that was where the flavor was. Would it be weird to ordered the bean soup and hold the beans?

Scott ordered the Chicken Club Sandwich and it looked delicious. He was very happy with the plump chicken, crispy bacon and melty cheese. It did look very appetizing. I snagged a piece of bacon at the end and it was scrumptious!

I ordered the fried Chicken and was delighted. The skin was super crispy, crunchy even. The mashed potatoes were standard and the gravy was just fine but it felt nice eating a homey little meal. 

I like little homestyle restaurants like this because everyone seems like family. The place was filled with locals and regulars and that is refreshing in our big, crazy world. I felt like I stepped back in time.

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