Friday, August 16, 2013

Papa's Birthday - San Juan Bautista, CA

After Shannon's wedding we started back that morning for Papa's Birthday Party set up. My Dad and Scott were on hand for all chores... Let me walk you through our day!

The tables set up...

Flowers hung from trees...

Umbrellas up!

Papa showed up early for the party but he admired the flags we had flying for him!

Scott shucked oysters...

Dad grilled the sausages...

Cheese of all varieties on display...

Pate as well...

Our family favorite - Cream cheese, pearl onions and caviar... We love caviar a lot! 

Little Charles brought a ceviche of sorts with a corn relish mixed in... refreshing!

Fancy caviar, expensive and a special treat from Moroccan royalty.

Trica proudly displaying her goods.

Oysters on the half shell...

Smoked Salmon... with a salmon colored dress!

More caviar and extra goodies!

We spoiled ourselves with more... caviar! Lol, notice a trend here?!

Bacon wrapped scallops came out next...

And Jalapeno Poppers to follow!

The Birthday Boy sure had a comfy chair!

Party people...

A small plate I made along the way... I ate more than my share through passed appetizers!

Two local celebrities that showed up at the party... Melissa and Scott Good Taste!

The paparazzi never leaves us alone! ;)

Thank goodness my brother looks like me, he is so good looking! 

Our horses were the hit of the party... Everyone went out for a pat!

Angel Food Cake was on hand for the candles...

Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Tarts were served for satisfy sugar cravings.

Papa's grandchildren all surrounded him for a photo... Not a complete photo but pretty close!

My Mom and Aunt Carolyn on hand to help Papa blow out his candles! Uli too!

The suprise of the day was the bagpiper my mom had show up to play for my Papa. He loved it! It brought him back many years to his youth. I am sure this was a great for him. I want to thank my Mom for pulling this together, in addition to my Aunt Tricia who came through in crunch time. You two did so much in such a small amount of time. Unbelievable! 


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