Monday, August 12, 2013

Gaslamp Quarter Fun! - San Diego, CA

After the game was over we walked over to hotel to check-in to our room at the beautiful, Omni. The view was stunning...

Room comfy and totally stylish!

And surprise! Champagne and strawberries for the birthday boy!!

After a nap to re-charge our batteries we walked down to the Gaslamp Quarter for dinner, drinks and entertainment.

Oh yes, we are ready!

We had reservations at Searsucker, a restaurant owned by celebrity chef, Brian Malarkey. His mom shows cutting horses with us too, it is a small, small world.

The decor was rustic chic and I just adored the funky "EAT" sign above the chef line.

Cheese biscuits came out to us, better known as Cheddar Puffers. An excellent way to get your appetite revved up!

Holy Moly, I ordered the Jalapeno Strawberry Margarita and it woke me up! The first sip was strong, spicy and an eye opener! 

Next was my order of the Carb Free Crab Cake - it was very soft and definitely chocked full of crab but I am not going to lie, I missed something here... maybe a saucy sauce? A spicy spice? I loved it all the same, and didn't let a bite go back tot the table but it did not make me want to order another.

Scott had the Flat Iron Steak served with a duo of chimichurri and bernaise sauces. He loved it. The steak, sauces and crunchy fried onions on top were just fabulous. Small portion size, but it was just right for him that evening. 

I ordered the Short Rib off the small plate menu because I had already devoured the crab cake. It was good. A solid piece of meat served with mash and horseradish, spoiling me the fried onions as well. I liked it, it was filling, cooked well.

Did i absolutely love Searsucker? I liked it. It is more the type of restaurant to go with a large group, sit in the bar, order tons of appetizers, drinks and laugh your butts off, rather than a table two looking for a romantic evening. Not a bad thing at all, I was happy to had been able to go!

Our next stop was a good one, The Shout House is a dueling piano bar located a few blocks from the restaurant so we walked on in. Grabbed an open seat and were entertained for hours with the up beat piano players. What fun!

The day was jammed packed, we ate, drank and had a wonderful time... We crashed before a night cap at the lobby and called it a day! We cannot wait to go back to San Diego!

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Mary said...

Yay, happy to see you enjoyed yourself in San Diego. I went to Searsucker many moons ago and didn't enjoy it all that much, it does seem more like a "place to be seen" more than anything else. Still, it's a fun time to be staying Downtown!