Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Sur Oyster Bar again... - Las Vegas, NV

I know what you are going to say, "You already blogged this place" - "You eat here all the time" - "Quit getting the Fish and Chips"... I know, I know. But what is a girl to do? We don't leave the casino and the food is wonderful. Come on guys lets walk through another Oyster Bar night, shall we?

How could we come and not order oysers? Pan fried this time and amazing! I do love mine charbroiled, on the half shell, well now anyway I can get them! The panfried are delicious and crunchy. Give it a try!

Scott had them whip up an off the menu specialty - Blackened Orange Roughy with the lemon butter sauce served on the side. He loved it. He enjoyed eating it with the side salad as well as the rice. Perfect meal.

Guess who went all unoriginal and ordered the Fish and Chips, again. I did! They are fantastic. Hot, salty moist little nuggets of golden brown. The fish is just so tasty that I never want to stop eating. It comes with mounds of fries and it takes me almost 30 minutes to finish eating from start to finish. Ask for extra tartar sauce for dipping. 

Miss Karley ordered the Seafood Diavolo and she loved it. She requested not to spicy and was perfectly happy with her meal. What is not to love of tomato sauce, noodles, scallops, shrimp and lobster! She had never had it before and so I was thrilled to watch her enjoy it.

That is all folks... Where will I go next? The Oyster Bar is very likely!!

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