Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Big Sur Oyster Bar - Las Vegas, NV

One of the best parts about being stuck in a hotel for a week is pretty much the Oyster Bar. We debate everyday about making a visit there for at least one of our meals. Everything is tasty, the service attentive and you get to people watch too!

We always start with a dozen oysters because that is just what you do at an Oyster Bar. They were big, briny and when loaded with the extras were just heaven.

Scott went for the Crab Salad and as you can see, was loaded with lump crab meat! Wowza... A squeeze of lemon and maybe a little thousand island dressing is all one would need! 

 I went for the good, old solid dish 0 Fish and Chips. Greasy, salty and crisp from just fried halibut. I love the fries, I love the tartar they serve but my pants... well they don't love that I am continuing to order fried food! They are tight!! Ah well, next time I will just order the oysters...

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