Friday, August 9, 2013

Harbor Grill - Dana Point, CA

Before Scott's birthday dinner we decided to enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony. The view was lovely and the weather just perfect! 

Hey look, there is Melissa Good Taste!

When we got to dinner I was told by Scott that a fellow cutter friend of his, John owned the restuarant. We were disappointed to hear that his manager son Keegan was not in to say hello. But, if you read this now, hello! We liked the window that allowed you to watch the cooks stay busy. An "eye" into restaurant cooking!

We started with oysters because we are totally obsessed. Just addicted at the time being, I am sure we will be onto our next new favorite thing very soon.

Scott had the lobster because it was his birthday and he felt like splurging! I say any day of the year is worth ordering the lobster... He loved the dips of butter and did even actually eat all his vegetables. Good boy.

I had the Salmon because the pesto sauce lured me in. I wanted to eat something really bad, like loaded with mindless calories, but I settled with salmon. I made up for the healthy ordered with a pile of mashed potatoes. They were whipped up light and fluffy, I imagine that might be what a cloud tastes like...

The birthday boy didn't wait for his photo to be taken with his candle lit but I am sure we wished for something worthwhile. We chose the carrot cake to finish off our meal and it was lovely. The frosting utterly decadent and cake very moist.

It was a low key, relaxing day topped off with an evening of amazing food. How lucky are we?!
 I hope you got your wish Scott!

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