Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baja Miguel's - Las Vegas, NV

The show in Las Vegas was a long one so taking good care of your horses is important. The stall area is beautiful at the South point but the horses are standing on concrete under their shavings so they get extra treatments... Scotty is always looking out for extra grain.

We wrap their legs so make sure they stay tight and to avoid swelling.

We treat ourselves to nice things too, a margarita at Baja Miguel's is part of our treatment!

They bring out a trio of dipping accessories for our chips. I particularly enjoy the bean dip! It is so good. I scrape it clean with tortilla chip after tortilla chip!

Our helper, Karley, ordered the Chicken Fajitas and ate every bite. She is an eater! You would never know it by the size 0 jeans! 

Scott ordered the Carne Asada and Cheese Enchilada Combination Plate. He loved it! Scott and I have been coming to the South Point shows for years and he has always avoided eating here. What a mistake!

I ordered the seafood trio of salmon, halibut and scallops - three of my favorite things! It is the priciest thing on the menu but deservedly so because I am positive it is the tastiest! The rice was just as outstanding as the beans.

We lest stuffed to the gills and completely satisfied. The price point of the restaurant is on the lower end so go if you cannot break the bank. It is a welcome change to all the steak and wine that the South Point has to offer!

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