Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saloon BBQ Co. - Ventura, CA

Saloon is a new restaurant located on Main Street in Ventura. With a great location and cool menu I think it is a nice addition to the mix of restaurants downtown. You are handed a clip board full of wonderful sounding food items, plus the daily specials.

I sampled a few of the bbq sauces they had sitting out. The sweet was my favorite!

Hey look, Scott Good Taste!

I like that we were served our beers in this little boot, glasses chilled. Kathy Good Taste, I see you!

They brought out these corn muffins and they were fantastic served with honey butter. 

We tried the Fried Okra and it was addicting. It was a large pile but by the time we were done sampling the dish was gone. Either we were hungry or we like ourselves some okra!

My mom wanted to try the grilled corn, she didn't enjoy it so charred but ate it anyway.

She also ordered the Gem Salad with candied pecans and sliced grapes. It looked very refreshing.

I usually cannot say no to pulled pork and this time was no exception. It was very good. I ate it open faced so it could be a knife and fork meal. The fries were good at first - hot and salty. But after awhile after by tongue turned numb from too much salt I gave up on them.

Scott ordered the BBQ Salad and he loved it. All the great flavors of barbecue on a bed of healthy, fresh lettuce. What is better than that?

All three of us enjoyed ourselves at dinner but agreed it was not the most outstanding thing we have ever been to. Ventura is usually very cool, but inside the restaurant was pretty warm which made it kind of uncomfortable for dining. Our waitress was friendly and maybe they have a few quirks to work through. I love the decor and welcome comments for other diners!

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