Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brophy Brothers - Ventura, CA

When I am crazy for seafood cravings while in Ventura, we go to Brophy's...

The view is for free.

The bread and butter is one I should send away from the table, not because it is bad. It is that good! Gahhh, I eat more than my share.

The Bloody Mary's served slightly spicy are ones that cannot be resisted.

The Cold Seafood Appetizer is filled with most things that I love. The oysters on the half shell, shrimp, crab meat and ceviche were great. the raw clams kind of grossed me out, I am not sure why but it did.

Oh you know me, those darn Fish and Chips. I love them. Deep fried, flaky fish gets me every time. Throw in a nice tartar sauce and I am sold.

Scott went the healthy route and asked for grilled fish, pilaf and cole slaw. Lovely, healthy and he left feeling good.

Seafood for dinner is always my favorite. Readers, tell me where you go?!

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