Friday, July 12, 2013

Lure Fish House - Ventura, CA

Melissa Good Taste had to go to the dentist yesterday so she got dressed up and made it an occasion! Date night was to follow so going to the dentist wouldn't be that bad... Turquoise pants, CHECK!

The dentist office visit went fine and i snagged a nice table top for Lure's Happy Hour. You truly cannot beat the prices for the quality of food you receive. The restaurant is always clean and staffed beautifully so it makes every visit a pleasure.

We started off with Charbroiled Oysters (my all time Lure favorite) and they were so good that we ordered another! I could eat plates and plates of these without even being fazed.

It was Scott's turn to order off the Happy Hour menu and he chose us Fish Tacos. The fish was battered and fried and the toppings were cool and refreshing. The avocado and pico de gallo were the right kind of fresh.

Scott saw a plate pass by us that caught his attention: Idaho Trout Almondine. Broiled with almonds and butter how could it go wrong? He chose sides of sweet potato fries and creamed corn. He dove into the corn, he just loves the stuff and politely finished his fish while sharing bites with the fries.

My weakness: Fish and Chips! I cannot pass them up on any menu. These were very good. True to rival the order I received at Pier 46 in Templeton. These fries were better and I just loved that the batter was cooked! Most places under do it and these were crunchy fabulous.

If you have not tried Lure's Happy Hour or Lure at all, you need to. The restaurant, bathrooms included, is always immaculate and staff always aplenty. You are always relieving quality ingredients no matter what you order. I highly recommend you give one of their locations a try: Ventura, Westlake or Camarillo.

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