Monday, July 29, 2013

California Mid State Fair - Paso Robles, CA

Our summer horse show season has taken us all over the state and I was happy that we finally got some fair food in this season!

The cutting horses show at the fair is always one Scott and I look forward to. The loud music, hustle from the fair people and mostly the creative fair food get us excited to come cut. This year was no exception.

We made our way to the Frontier Town and picked out an evening meal at Good Ol' Burgers. Scott went for a boring old burger but I wanted something that I usually never eat...

A Philly Cheesesteak! Don't let all that artificial cheese fool you, it truly was delicious. The meat underneath the coat of orange goo was seasoned nicely and extremely tender. It was a knife and fork meal and i ate every last bite.

The next day was all about corn dogs. There were many booths dedicating themselves to producing the best one but after all said and done my conclusion was the booth located closest to the horse show arena.

I like more mustard than ketchup with my dog. What about you? The crunchier the better, in fact overcook it a little bit for me. There was not enough time for cotton candy and funnel cakes this trip but you never know where we might pop up next!

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