Saturday, July 27, 2013

El Lugarcito - King City, CA

Between drives from my homes in Ojai and San Juan Bautista I plan to make stops for lunch. On one of the trips I stopped in king City, tired and hungry from 4 hours of driving I picked El Lugarcito. Known as the "Little Place". 

They were fast and efficient in seating and ordering.

I ordered the Chile Verde and it came out within minutes of my ordering. The sauce was spicy and the pork very tender. I know others may enjoy having vegetables in their rice but it ruins the flavor for me. I spend most of my time eating around it. I like my rice and beans pure, exactly what they are. 

There are a lot of options of Mexican food in King City, at least 5 restaurant within walking distance on one street alone. Where should I stop next?

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Jody G said...

La Potranga has great authentic tacos and the pickled carrots are delish. I love there grilled chicken and if you are really adventurous there lengua tacos are excellent and very well known.
Althoug I know you love saucy enchilada's you need to stop at La Fogata in greenfield one of these days ( i will totally meet you there) it is my all time favortie mexican food. WE can order a variety of stuff and their homemade corn tortillas are delish!Can't wait to see you this weekend!