Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sushi Fresh - Ventura, CA

We have been riding horses, working on the ranch and preparing for our last big horse show of the year. The chilly mornings have us hustling and bustling but I have to admit it is refreshing and welcomed rather than the heat that was around last week. After riding yesterday I had to make a run to Ventura and i found myself hungry for lunch and feeling a little adventourus. I saw an open sign in the Sushi Fresh window and stepped in.

My friend Kat has been raving about this dish for about a year now. She loves the feta cheese, caramelized garlic, slices of jalapeno over slices of tuna. I have to admit it is kind of addictive. It is a creative play on Mediterranean and Japanese flavors. 

I read that special on the wall: "Pumpkin shaped ball of crabmeat, cream cheese, crunch, mango, green onions, salmon, jalapeno, covered in massago and drizzled with eel and spicy mayo sauce." Now doesn't that sound fun?!

And look how cute is was when it came out! It was almost too darling to eat but I was hungry and I went to town. I ate every last bite with a fork. Chop sticks might have been a little tricky! It was creamy and familiar of all the flavors that would be in a regular roll. 

I go out to eat a lot, obviously, but I have really started to notice a common theme I look for in a  restaurant to excite me. It is not always about the food or service, it is starting to be more along the lines of: 

"What do you as a restaurant have to offer me? What makes you unique? What is your specialty? Show me what makes your restaurant different than others."

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