Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Estrella - Paso Robles, CA

I always love a good restaurant recommendation and I have to give this shout out to my friend, Kat. She went a couple days before and said I would love the place so we drove down 12th Street in Paso and found, Estrella. How cool are the framed crosses on the wall?

The menu is quite diverse, Pan American cuisine is what they deliver. 

Complimentary Chips with Black Bean & Corn Salsa came to the table. It was a good start to get our appetites going... 

On the specials menu Pumpkin Soup found its way into my heart. I could never pass up an offer like that! It was very delicious, maybe needed a touch of salt but that was it.

How does Carnitas Salad sound? it was well dressed and full of the good stuff. The three of us all munched on it and felt it was just fine. 

And then there was... this. I love ceviche so I ordered it tostada style and this is what came out. I disliked it but Scott loved it. I just never have had ceviche wrapped up in brown gravy, a big pass for me. No, thank you!

Kathy Good Taste ordered the Chile Rellenos - one crab and the other cheese. She said the cheese was outstanding and the crab not worth the extra expense of the upgrade. I tasted the beans and they too were very good.

Banana Empanadas anyone? They were delsih and an excellent ending to a pretty decent meal. I would return to explore more of the menu. You know a food bloggers work is never done! Enjoy your week everyone!

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