Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peddling - Ojai to Ventura...

I have been wanting to ride my bike from Ojai to Ventura. It is about 15 miles and I know my body could use it. So Scott dropped me off in downtown Ojai and I hopped on the bike trail that makes it's way to the beach in Ventura. He was going surfing and I was all set to meet him there after I peddled my way down. 

The ride was beyond gorgeous. I couldn't help but feel blessed to live in such beautiful country.

What an outstanding bridge for just a bike trail!

Not only was the ride breath taking, the art along the way was quite entertaing. How about this windmill creation?

Wahoo! I made it... Beautiful day on the water.

This is the kind of exercise that makes me want to be active. Every. Single. Day.

I am inspired to keep moving so I am off paddle boarding with my friend tomorrow in the Ventura Keys. Pictures to follow. Keep moving!

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