Tuesday, October 16, 2012

C Street - Ventura, CA

Yesterday we unpacked our trailers, sorted through paper work, and settled in from our 3 day horse show in Bakersfield and by lunch time we gave up. It was just too hot! There is a little heat wave down South, right when I was pulling out my heavy sweaters from my Fall clothing collection! Darn it. We loaded up Scott's surf truck and he caught some waves at C-Street a popular spot by the Ventura Fairgrounds. After his dip we met for dinner at the Crowne Plaza's C Street Restaurant.

A bread basket was brought to us quickly with a trio of dips. From left to right is olive tapenade, balsamic and oil, and last a garlic butter. My favorite was mixing them all together! Lots of flavors!

I ordered the Olive Oil Poached Halibut because I had not had a really great piece of fish in quite sometime. It was cooked perfectly. I loved the cream sauce with the asparagus, spinach and leeks as well. Perfectly sized dish! 

Scott had the Portobello and Ricotta Ravioli served in a lobster cream sauce. The ravioli were fantastic, almost meaty with the mushroom packed inside. The toasted bread made a great vehicle for getting the sauce in his tummy.

The restaurant was a little empty on this mOnday evening but the food was solid. In the future I might stay in the Aqua Lounge, to enjoy a ball game and order appetizers off their amazing menu. 

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