Thursday, October 25, 2012

Panolivo - Paso Robles, CA

 The night before the first go round of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Futurity I took Scott out for a good luck meal. He picked and we found ourselves at Panolivo and he knew upon entering that he would just love it.

He went for a meal deal that served a salad, pasta and a dessert. The salad that was brought out to him was bright and fresh. Always a great start to any dinner!

I knew I wanted fish so I went for the salmon with pan roasted potatoes, spinach served with a citrus cream sauce. It was so beyond perfect. This is my idea of my perfect meal. Simple yet comforting.

Scott's pasta that he chose was the Lobster Ravioli. Aren't they beautiful? Not only were they gorgeous they tasted fantastic too. They were made in house, they had that special amount of bite. The sauce for this dish was also outstanding. Panolivo does cream sauces very well.

For dessert Scott chose a scoop of Coffee Ice Cream and it was so creamy. I wouldn't be surprised if they made this there too. It was just that good.  

We will be back this week!

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