Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cafe Firenze - Moorpark, CA

I watch Bravo TV, a lot. So I am a super fan of all things Top Chef, Housewives and pretty much whatever is on any given day. I have a few favorite chefs and Fabio is one of them. I like that he is an outstanding chef, is suave with the ladies and has really great hair. So when I found out he had a restaurant in Moorpark, only about 30 minutes from my house, I just knew I had to visit it. Scott surprised me with a last minute trip to the valley so away we went...

Complimentary bread to the table. It was delicious, I tried not to fill up on it.

Scott ordered the Crispy Duck Salad to start. It was full of roasted mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, shaved parmesan and pine nuts. It was dressed beautifully and just a really fantastic start to the meal.

When I saw the Burrata and Pancetta Crostino on the starter menu I knew I just had to have it. Imported Burrata, crispy pancetta, fried sage, browned butter, balsamic all on a grilled slice of bread. OMG. This was probably my favorite thing of 2012. I am not kidding at all. This was just so my favorite flavors of everything. I could have ordered a second order for my entree. If you go here, please try this in honor of Melissa Good Taste. You will not be disappointed.

Scott had the special pasta of the evening. I was basking the flavors of my starter so I missed the description and the name. Scott loved no matter, and he ate every last bite. The pasta was fresh and the sauce rich, very comforting!

I ordered the Tortellacci de Zucca, or for non-Italian speakers, Butternut Squash Ravioli. The filling reminded me of Fall and was cut with a creamy ricotta. The sauce was a brown butter sage cream sauce, also known as heaven on Earth.  

Well, well, well... Look who we have here: Mr. Fabio himself. He asked to have his picture taken with "The Melissa Good Taste". No, but he really is a cool guy, great chef and has a wonderful restaurant.

You can catch him on Bravo TV, his current show is on now: Life After Top Chef.

Just one more thing. Shout out to my husband for such a fun date night. Outstanding food, great atmosphere, lovely wine and a great dessert that we picked up through the Froster's Freeze drive-thru. Have you had a Twister lately? They are amazing!

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AllThingsYummy said...

My favorite restaurant and the butternut squash ravioli is amazing. He has a cooking class coming up on Oct 28. I've been before and it's so fun.