Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monterey Fish House - Monterey, CA

I have heard so much about this place. Mostly it has been, "Great food, but the seating is limited and you will always need a reservation." What does that tell me as a food blogger? That this place must rock! I mean people return because it is delicious, that is awesome! So after a trip to the Del Monte Mall I made my 7:30pm reservation at the Monterey Fish House.

Waiting for 7:30 to roll around... We got there a bit early, so we watched the Oyster Shucker get down to business!

Jennifer going over the menu.

The bread was brought to the table immediately and it was delicious.
Nice and soft.

Oyster on the half shell with lots of Horseradish and Cocktail sauce!
Yum! It tasted like the ocean

Here we go: lots of food posts! A special, Robert's Swordfish in Lemon Butter sauce! Don't mind if I do! It was amazing! Capers are magical little things. I love the salty taste they bring to the table.

Love! The Honey Almond encrusted Mahi Mahi! The Marsala Wine sauce with mushrooms were absolutely fabulous! The sauce was so good in fact, that I dipped the rest of the bread in it - just so it wouldn't go to waste!

Jennifer influenced this order. It might as well have been hers! Ha! Dungeness Crab in a garlic, white wine, crab butter sauce served over house made linguine. The crab was ate slowly but surely ;) The broth was amazing.

Jennifer had been drooling over these Spotted Prawns all afternoon from when we looked up the restaurant online. She knew when the Specials were read that this is what she wanted. After ordering it though she came to conclusion that the dish was more work than pleasure. Having to extract the meat out of the prawns I guess was not worth it!

All in all, I was very impressed by the Monterey Fish House. The place was packed! I am shocked they stay in such a small location. If they had a bigger restaurant I am sure they would still stay busy - and everyone would be more comfortable. There was a table literally 2 inches away fro ours. We heard everything in their discussion and I am sure they heard everything in ours! The food was delicious, a tad pricey but for good seafood it is worth it. I will return.


Jennifer Good taste said...

Excellent review! Next time I want to try the Boullibase!

JustinM said...

The food looks great. Last time I was in Monterey I ate at a mediocre BBQ restaurant; I should have gone here. But I absolutely hate when restaurants pack the tables in right next to each other. It's not necessary.

Anonymous said...

"Tasted like the ocean" -- This is a good thing?? LOL :)

BTW- Love all your new graphics!!!! Who did them?