Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brooks - Ventura, CA

Ventura has been my hangout lately if you haven't noticed by now. I am seriously excited about all the restaurants they have for me to try! Yelp gave nice reviews of Brooks and I decided, "Hey why not give it try!"

Brooks is located on 545 East Thompson Boulevard. This strip has quite a few great restaurants, remember my review of Prime? They are right down the road from here. Hi Jennifer. Hi John.

Why hello Rockin' Roll Margarita - tasty and expensive.

My mom ordered the Blue Eyes Martini - so sweet,
almost like your not drinking alcohol - but you REALLY are! Fun!

Pretzel Roll bread - and savory dipping oil - olive of course.

When you looked up you felt like you were in a barn,
a very chic barn.

Chopped Hearts of Romaine was Scott's starter.
That was a nice crisp - Herb Garlic, to go along with it. Crispy!

John had an appetizer of the Cornmeal Fried Oysters - Fennel, Celery Slaw with "Buffalo" Aioli. He ate them. He didn't complain.

Jennifer ordered the Puree of Roasted Chestnut Soup. It even came with a slip of Maple Cream - Oooo la la!! She thought her starter was an awesome one!

Finally! My entree! Me, me, me! I had the Swordfish Fish Special. The fish was so fresh and cooked to perfection. The spinach was to die for, especially while being mopped up with the delicious sauce.

Jennifer seemed to have the order of the day - Everyone loved her 24 Hour-Marinated Boneless Shredded Shot Ribs. Under the bed of meat and Watercress Red Onion Salad there was Olive Oil Parsnip Puree. To die!! The Cider Glaze reminded me of BBQ sauce, it all worked together so nicely!

John ordered the Pan-Roasted Scottish Salmon. Polenta is served as well as Traditional Mediterranean Greek Salad. It looked beautiful. I didn't get to try it, this was one of the options I had while ordering.

Ok this one tripped us up. My Mom and Scott both ordered this special. Medallions of beef served with a spicy Penne Pasta. The bummer was the "medallions" were actually steak tips. Like they were the leftovers of many steak orders. Hmmm... It was tasty, just a little strange of how it was described.

Jennifer's order of Maytag Cheesecake - very savory!

John's Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding. Holy calories.
He ate it all, Jennifer helped out though!

My Mom and I shared the Creme Brulee. It was good.
I like the custardy goodness!

The owner himself! He is tall! I am short. :(

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JustinM said...

Wow - the burger is $29? I would have tried that; I'm pretty sure that would have set the record for me. But yours and Jennifer's looked awesome. Why so much time in Ventura lately? (Not that I blame you, I love it there.)