Monday, January 25, 2010

Left Bank Brasserie - San Jose, CA

With cloudy skies above, my girlfriends and I ventured to San Jose, brunch and facials were what we had in mind. We decided to go to Left Bank, since we all had not been there before. Located in San Jose’s Santana Row, Left Bank Brasserie transports guests to a quaint brasserie in Paris, where diners feast upon classic French cuisine in a charming brasserie setting along the boulevard, where people-watching has been elevated to a sport.

The three of us - excited for a relaxing day.

I really liked this picture, so colorful and the elephant looked so happy!

The Ultimate Indulgence -Fondue aux Fromages. Brie, Blue and Goat’s Cheese Fondue. Holy Moly! The three of us shared this and still could not even come close to finishing it.

Of course I ordered the soup. It was Cream of Butternut Squash, very tasty - just needed a pinch of salt.

My order was the Quiche et Salade. Quiche of crab meat, mushrooms, spinach & Emmental cheese; frisée salad. Very tasty. I love Quiche's they can have almost any filling and still be wonderful.

Elena's order was the Brouillè de Provence. Which was Scrambled Eggs with oven-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, basil & potato hash with Artisan goat’s cheese. I think the photo did not do the dish justice. She said it tasted amazing.

Last but not least, Amanda's order of Eufs Bénédictes.
Which basically was Eggs Benedict - Poached Eggs with Parisian ham, English muffin, hollandaise and potato hash. I am a big fan of anything hollandaise.

At this point we were pretty relaxed, and full from our delicious meal. We strolled on out of the restaurant just in time to take advantage of the full spa - steam room, sauna, jacuzzi before our appointments. I would recommend the Left Bank to those who have not tried it, French food is fun because everything sounds so fancy! It gave us a good laugh. There is a lot to try on their menu - the dinner read amazing! Santana Row is fun - thank you Amanda and Elena for a lovely day.


JustinM said...

Years ago I had my heart broken twice in 5 months - by the same girl. I had to get out of town to clear my head so I went up and stayed with my best friend, who was living in Los Gatos at the time. I went to Santana Row several times and walked around and people- watched. This restaurant was not there then.

SkippyMom said...

I read you blog all the time and I guess I should pop in and tell you how much I like it :D [I can't remember if I had yet!]

Fondue is a HUGE hit in our family - I make it at home with Gruyere and Swiss - but I might have to try this cheese mixture - it is so easy to make and this sounds soooooo good.

And quiche is a second fav. Never thought to throw crab in. Yum!

Thanks for the fun blog.