Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ginger Cafe - Gilroy, CA

Dim Sum in Gilroy? Yes! I actually found a place that served it. I read about it all the time of my favorite food blogs, but now have the opportunity to try it. The Ginger Cafe is located in an awkward location - at the Gilroy Premium Outlets. Close enough to Hollister to give it a whirl, so my sister, her boyfriend - John and I did.

The inside of the restaurant was very pretty, and clean! The ambiance was nice, maybe a touch dark for lunch but still stylish all the same.

Thai Iced Teas - one mixed, the other not.

Our appeitizer was the Soft Shell Crab Fresh Rolls. Fried soft shell crab, green leaves, bean sprouts, mint and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper with a tasty peanut dipping sauce. The rolls were very light and great start to our meal.

Coconut Black Cod was one of our entrees and the sauce was delicious! Braised black cod in cocunut milk with garlic and black pepper in a caramelized sauce. The sauce was so good we reserved it for dipping our other dishes in! What a winner!

Salty Fish Fried Rice was our carb loving entry. Don't be scared by the name - it was fantastic! Stirfried anchovies, chicken, asparagus, egg, basil, and scallions with rice made for a lovely addition to our meal.

Last and least favored, the Basil Chicken. Stir fried chicken with garlic, bamboo shoots, shitake mushrooms, basil, and scallions. It is not that is was terrible it just had two firm competitors to stand up to. Probably won't order this one again - might venture to a new item on the menu, just for fun!

Yes! I guess I will start to sing and rejoice now!

Now, I know we did not order any Dim Sum will visiting the Ginger Cafe this afternoon but the menu did read very well for a future visit. I did notice it was a tad pricey for lunch but, we did recieve some pretty fantastic dishes. The restaurant was beautiful, waitress friendly and helpful - all in all a nice experience. I would defiently like to return to explore the menu a bit more.


JustinM said...

If you still haven't had dim sum - which I know you claimed a few months ago - then I wouldn't have ordered it there, either. Did they have dim sum carts? Hopefully your first time can be in San Francisco or the San Gabriel Valley where you can get the full experience. (I'm not saying Ginger Cafe's isn't good, I'm just guessing you wouldn't get the full dim sum experience there.) - Justin

KirkK said...

Hi Melissa - This was ineteresting since the dishes looked Thai & South East Asian.... so the fact they serve dim sum is kinda strange to me I guess.......

Melissa Good Taste said...

I know it was a little strange. They had two seperate menus. And, no cart! Must not be legit Dim Sum, but oh well. It was fun anyway!!